Global Callcenter Solutions

Hi, you're probably here because you recently recieved a call from us. We'd like to answer a few of your questions and help you find the information you're looking for.

Who are we?

GCS serves Fortune 500 clients with third party telephone based services and is located in Pueblo, Colorado. We take pride in creating American jobs, providing ethical services, and always ensuring that we call in a respectful manner compliant with all national and local do call legislation. We are not a collections company and do not perform any collections work for any of our clients.

What did we call about?

GCS calls almost exclusively on behalf of your local cable TV company.

If you received a call from us we were probably calling:

1. to provide you with information about a new product that was recently made available in your area

2. to help you setup cable in your new home

3. to offer an introductory special on services which you do not currently subscribe to or,

4. to inform you of changes which are being made to your cable service.

GCS does not call on behalf of any credit agencies, collections agencies, political organizations, or charities.

Why didnt we leave a message?

If we called and got your answering machine we wouldn't have left a message. Most people we call find it annoying to receive messages with sales offers while they are out. So, we don't leave messages when we reach an answering machine.

Occasionally our system makes a mistake when trying to connect to you and accidentally thinks a real person is an answering machine. This usually only happens if there is a lot of background noise or static on the line. This results in you hearing dead air.

Sometimes as we call through a list of numbers we will randomly call several that are located near one another. If we call more numbers than your local telephone exchange can handle your phone will ring once and then disconnect.

We're always sorry when we're unable to reach you and never want to annoy you. If we've cause you any problems, please give us a call on the number which displays on your caller ID (877-316-1408) and let us know. We'll do our best to remedy the situation immediately.

Where did we get your number?

We received your telephone number from our client- which is most probably your local cable TV company.

So long as your telephone number is with us it is kept secure and not shared with anyone outside of our organization.

The telemarketing lists that we receive from our clients are typically people who are already cable subscribers or people who have disconnected their service within the past 18 months.

Sometimes we also receive lists of non-customers and those numbers are typically taken directly from the telephone directory.

Once we receive a list, the first thing we do is scrub out all of the telephone numbers of people who have asked us or asked our client not to be called.

Also removed are all businesses and telephone numbers which have been registered with the Direct Marketing Association.

When calling people who are not current customers of our client or have not had an existing business relationship with our client in the past 18 months, we scrub our list against the National Do Not Call Registry.

If you received a call from us your number was in the resulting list.

Why did we call your cell phone?

Most of our calls are made to land line phone numbers.

However, if you only supplied your cable operator with a cellphone number, we may have called it with an important customer service call or a special offer.

If you do not wish to receive calls on you cellphone you can contact us and we will remove your number for our calling list.

How can you, stop receiving calls?

Many people know very little about how telemarketers work and as a result they continue to receive unwanted calls. At GCS we recognize and respect the fact that not everyone wants to receive calls from us and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to stop receiving them so we'd like to take the time to tell you all the ways to do so.

First, don't be afraid to just answer the phone. Sometimes people see that we've called several days in a row and so they don't answer the phone because they think it will result in more calls. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect. When we can't reach you we try again at another time hoping you'll be free. If you don't wish to receive calls from us, just answer your phone with a simple "Hello" and then tell our agent that you do not wish to receive any further solicitations or that you would like your name to placed on that company's do not call list.

Second, just call us back. We always make sure that our phone number shows up in your caller ID so you can either dial us direct at 800-863-4785 or use *69 to ring us back. Our operator is happy to take your information during business hours and make sure you are removed from our calling lists. After hours you will connect to our voicemail system. If you get our voice mail be sure to state your full number and that you want to be removed from our calling list. We'll process it as soon as we get back in.

Third, send us an e-mail. You can send your e-mail to StopCalling@GCSCalled.Us and we will process your request and then send you a confirmation. Make sure you include you full phone number in your e-mail so we can remove it. Our Privacy policy is simple: Use a real e-mail address and we'll send you a receipt and answer any questions you ask. We won't solicit you via e-mail, sell your information, or give your e-mail address to anyone else.

Fourth, register with the National Do Not Call list. This will take you off most companies calling lists. However; it takes 31 days to process, only lasts 5 years, and will not stop calls from entities you have an existing business relationship with.

For more information regarding do not call laws please visit


Send us an email, and we will respond as soon as we can.