Where did we get your number?

We received your telephone number from our client- which is most probably your local cable TV company.

So long as your telephone number is with us it is kept secure and not shared with anyone outside of our organization.

The telemarketing lists that we receive from our clients are typically people who are already cable subscribers or people who have disconnected their service within the past 18 months.

Sometimes we also receive lists of non-customers and those numbers are typically taken directly from the telephone directory.

Once we receive a list, the first thing we do is scrub out all of the telephone numbers of people who have asked us or asked our client not to be called.

Also removed are all businesses and telephone numbers which have been registered with the Direct Marketing Association.

When calling people who are not current customers of our client or have not had an existing business relationship with our client in the past 18 months, we scrub our list against the National Do Not Call Registry.

If you received a call from us your number was in the resulting list.