Why didn't we leave a message?

If we called and got your answering machine we wouldn't have left a message. Most people we call find it annoying to receive messages with sales offers while they are out. So, we don't leave messages when we reach an answering machine.

Occasionally our system makes a mistake when trying to connect to you and accidentally thinks a real person is an answering machine. This usually only happens if there is a lot of background noise or static on the line. This results in you hearing dead air.

Sometimes as we call through a list of numbers we will randomly call several that are located near one another. If we call more numbers than your local telephone exchange can handle your phone will ring once and then disconnect.

We're always sorry when we're unable to reach you and never want to annoy you. If we've cause you any problems, please give us a call on the number which displays on your caller ID (877-316-1408) and let us know. We'll do our best to remedy the situation immediately.